Welcome to my natural habitat

The kitchen is always the most welcoming space at a house. From a cup of coffee with a slice of cake to a huge family meal. Pull up a chair, get comfy, let me pour you something to drink and let’s talk (and cook).

Vegan%20chocolate%20cake%20(with%20silken%20tofu)Vegan chocolate cake (with silken tofu)
Popcorn%20(a%20homemade,%20oil%20free,%20microwave%20version)Popcorn (a homemade, oil free, microwave version)
Bread%20of%203%20(3%20ingredients%20+%203%20min%20on%20the%20microwave)Bread of 3 (3 ingredients + 3 min on the microwave)
A%20homemade%20granola%20that’s%20mine%20all%20mineA homemade granola that’s mine all mine
“Condemned”%20milk%20(vegan/lac%20free)“Condemned” milk (vegan/lac free)
2%20Ingredients%20Chocolate%20Cake2 Ingredients Chocolate Cake