Sugar, love and balance

I created the food therapy because, let’s face, there is no better place to have a nice chat than the kitchen.

This space is my/our virtual kitchen where we can talk about the turnovers and the discoveries that evolving and, just, living (wether it’s aroud food or not) bring to us.

The goal always has beed, and still is, to exchange experiences and share tricks for a more tasty and somehow “balanced” routine. I say “balanced” in quotation marks because I find it to be quite a unique concept, balance. I know that, for exemple, with the size difference I have between my legs, my point of equilibrium is not the same as yours.

And it is in the motto of balance and yummyness that I decided to create this “tab” here on the blog, to share with you one of the things I enjoy cooking the most: sweets !!!

My mom is the world’s best cook. Ok, maybe you mom has the same title. Or yout antie, or grandma, or the mother of your childhood best friend. However, trust me when I say. For real, my mom’s food is the real deal of the best food around ever. Any ordinary Thursday she’s making homemade pasta or just roasting a pork loin with side potatoes. She always makes stalk from scratch to make the everyday winter soup, she makes ham, he makes ‘feijoada’, stuffed eggplant and bell peppers… you name it! The only basic thing about her cooking is the simplicity which she manages to came with this long elaborated dishes at any time or day of the year.

Long story short: Madame mama cooking rocks and is far from being reduced to simple dishes like scrambled eggs (which is also yum, huh?). Nevertheless, never dare to ask my mom to make somthing sweet. She is the type of person who looks like she has never seen a pan in her life when faced with a cake recipe. She is the type of person who takes the cake out of the oven in the middle of cooking because she remembers that maybe she forgot to put a cup of flour and it’s okay to add it at any time as if she forgot to put season her beans.

With that said, you can imagine that I didn’t grow up in a house with fresh cake or cookies coming out of the oven on rainy afternoons. I grew up in the savoury house but over the years I developed more and more my sweet tooth. Life changes when we reach the autonomy to make our own brigadeiro (THE Brazilian traditional comfort oversweet candy made from sweet condensed milk, chocolate and butter).


So, when I say that I was eating a lot of sugar, I’m not talking about industrialized cookies or whole bars of chocolate. I always valued what I ate (whether it was “healthy” or not). I was never too lazy to stir my nice brigadeiro or to make a cake or pie. The problem is that this became a routine and my sugar craves became  more of an “addiction” than enjoyment.

I already told here on my “longer story” that when I went on a diet the only thing I thought I needed to change was my relationship with sugar. And it did change. Radically. I found that I don’t even like sugar all that much. But more than that, I understood that, in a way, I was always right. If your sweet tooth is calling you, let it be the right way and done well. And respecting legitimate cravings, because if all you want is some sweet taste in your mouth you can bite into a fruit and it’ll do the trick.

Finally, I leave you with a beautiful teaching that I got from my nutritionist: you’re alone and craving chocolate chips cookies? Go to a nice bakery or similar and buy one cookie. Yes, just one! It’s expensive, yes, but you’ll be sure to have a good quality candy and it’ll prevent you from eating the whole batch “just because it was standing in front of you”.

Here we’ll be having cake, we’ll be having chocolate, we’ll be having condensed milk … we’ll be having sugar, we’ll be having love, we’ll be having balance, but more than that. What I suggest is that we add sharing to the mixture. Think about making these sweet dishes on special occasions to share moments and sugar with loved ones and not find yourself with an entire cake for yourself and devouring it all “just so it won’t go to waste”.

Well, enough with the moral lesson and let’s get to them