Popcorn (a homemade, oil free, microwave version)

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Your movie is starting and you have no time to read an entire post talking about popcorn? No worries. Just click here and go straight to the recipe.

I’ve been wanting to write a post on popcorn for a while now. A yummy snack and a must when you’re going to binge watch Netflix series for hours.

I remember that we used to have so much fun as kids when we would ask grandma to make us popcorn and, when the corn started to pop, she would carefully open a bit of the lid so we could watch the popcorn exploding outside of the pan. Laughter guaranteed.


But making fresh popcorn on the stovetop is not that simple. It’s messy and it takes quite an amount of fat for the kernels to explode. And than, technology presented us with microwave popcorn. Maybe I’m a bit old, but I must confess I never found much joy on having the pre-prepared bag besides the upside of not having to wash the greasy pot.

And let’s not forget that our idea here on the blog is to propose simple alternatives that will allow us to consume less of those highly industrialised junk food we find at the supermarket, and we must agree with me that microwave popcorn is a chemical bomb.

Well, the other day, I caught myself talking to a friend about cooking and she said to me “I’m terrible at it, I burn popcorn” and I answered “I’ll make a blog post in your honor”. K? had the cutest little girl and she’s now living in the USA. Of course she can find all sorts and kinds of microwave popcorn around there so she could have a feast with her husband and daughter, but sweet little C. deserves some homemade popcorn, don’t you think?


And she’s not the only one. What if I told you that there is an simple, healthy and quick alternative? Almost an hybrid of the stovetop and the microwave popcorn. Oh! And with a tiny glorious detail we love so much: FAT FREE!

It IS microwave popcorn, but no industrialised creepy mixture bags. All you need it popcorn kernel, water and salt.


Shall we get to the step by step?


Popcorn (the healthy, oil free, microwave version)



2 tablespoons of popcorn kernels

2 tablespoons of water

Salt (and whatever else you feel like adding to your popcorn)

1 high marge bowl

Plastic wrap

How to?

The important thing for you to memorise here is the 1:1 ratio. One mesure of kernel for one mesure of water. After careful consideration I found that the perfect individual popcorn portion is 2 tablespoons of popcorn kernel. From that you just do the math considering your hunger and guests. Just keep the balance in mind.

Get a large tall bowl (because the popcorn will explode and it needs space to come to life) and add the water and popcorn kernel. At this point you can already season your popcorn. Add a pinch of salt for a simple basic treat or just get creative. Black pepper, fresh herbs, or even a nice pinch of cinnamon for a sort of sweet version of it

Mix it all together and cover it with the plastic wrap. Place some holes on it with a fork or knife for the air to get out avoiding a microwave explosion.

Now, all you have to do is place your bowl on the microwave (high) for about 3 minutes. It’s the same as plain store bought microwave popcorn, just pay attention to he interval between the pops, because the time may (and will) vary depending on the power of your microwave. If ever in doubt, do stop and open the microwave door to check it out. If you use a glass transparent bowl you’ll be able to see if all the kernels have popped and you won’t burn your popcorn.

And there you go! You’re popcorn is ready to be devoured.


*If you must have your popcorn with butter, don’t hold yourself. Now’s the time. Melt a bit of butter and spread it over your popcorn. You can eves season this butter with herbs or chilly peppers, and you can also add some parmesan. All you have to remember is to keep it moderate. And enjoy!

So, how do you like your popcorn? I hope you’ll try different tastes and share your favourites with us.


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Popcorn (a homemade, oil free, microwave version)