Nana’s spinach and eggs

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My great-grandmother would love for you to read the entire post, but if you wish you can go straight to the recipe by clicking here

Recipes and family heritage are my favorite. There’s grandma’s chocolate cake, the cheese bread from my grand-aunt, grandpa’s banana on the barbecue, my other grandma’s soup, mama’s fresh pasta… each and every yummy recipe comes with its story and a lovely tender memory attached to it.

The other day I was chatting with my aunt and she shared a very simple family secret with me. Escarole with a sort of fried egg on top of it. “(her) Grandma’s recipe”, she told me. A few days later, here I was, upgrading and testing my great grandmother’s family tradition.

I didn’t have any escarole at home, but I had a bunch of spinach on the fridge that was longing to find a creative end and I thought this would be a nice way to use it.

The recipe my aunt gave me could not be any simpler:

In a pan (I use a big frying pan) I put some big escarole leaves washed and salted, I put some water and the eggs, a bit of salt and I cover it up. In a hurry the eggs are cooked on the veggies.


My auntie’s plate Pic by ©Laura Ferrari

Well, let’s head to the step by step of my spinach version (that can, and should, be replaced with any other greens).

Nana’s spinach (or escarole) and eggs


250g raw spinach*

1 egg


Salt, chilly flakes, powder garlic, oregano, smoked paprika

*my great-grandmother used escarole, I did spinach, you do whatever green you have or like..

Modo de fazer
  • Wash the greens of your choice and season them. I used salt, oregano, chilly flakes and powder garlic.
  • Put the leaves on a big pan – auntie’s advice was to use a big frying pan. Add a pinch of water (I put 3 table spoons) and cook it on medium fire, covered, for about 2 minutes, just so the leaves will soften a bit.
  • Crack an egg on top of it, lower the fire and cover it again.
  • The steam that will form inside the pan will cook the egg and soften your greens even more.

The time of cooking will depend on the power of your stove. Here it took me less than 3 minutes. When I took it of the fire, I sprinkled some smoked paprika on top of the egg and served on straight on the pan.

And you know what? My Nana knew some s**t! Such a tasty dish that you can devour with rice, grilled chicken, fish, aglio & olio pasta, some crunchy bread……………………. Let your creativity flow and let’s honour my Nana’s heritage and make her proud.


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Nana’s spinach and eggs