Let’s cook together?



When I started visualizing the kitchen therapy I saw a bunch of (good) choices of meal prep for people to purchase. I love cooking and, if you really don’t fancy your kitchen, I’ll be more than happy to go to your place and cook for you (if you live around Paris)… However, what really caught my attention while I was wondering through the virtual world is the fact that, more and more, we’re getting that we must go back a few steps in the game of life and nourishment. We have icons such as the British Jamie Oliver or the Brazilian Rita Lobo who are teaching us that we must (and we are) rethinking the crazy consumption of industrialized foods and how the fact of cooking a healthy meal had to be stimulated. It is possible to eat well and keep it simple.

SIMPLICITY! Watchword. Nowadays we’re getting more aware and what I want the most is to be a part of your journey while you get this territory, so threatened, back: the kitchen.


There’s no feminist that would not roll their eyes to the awful statement “you’re a keeper” whenever she would attempt to arrange something in the kitchen. Our grandmothers cooking skills were overrated while, for our generation, there’s almost a sense of pride in saying we can’t even fry and egg. The modern woman is independent, works hard, eats out in trendy restaurants or just grab an easy pre-made meal from the freezer.

The world kept turning and today the new modern woman, besides working hard, goes to the gym, to Pilates, to the therapy, has Whey Protein and buys those fitness/low carb frozen meals because whenever she goes to the kitchen is to prepare something worthy of Master Chef. And what about the modern men? Whenever he can make more than an awesome barbecue or some perfectly al dente pasta with tomato sauce he’s considered to be the best men ever. What a catch, some would say.

Well, let’s just get rid of all the stereotypes and let’s go all together to the kitchen. The whole family! The modern and the old fashion. The low carb crew and the ones that can’t do without bread and pasta. Let’s have some coffee, tea, juice (the real deal), or just plain tap water and let’s find out that not every single canned food is bad, the oven is not just made for baking, your pressure cooker will not explode out of the blue and your freezer and microwave can (and should) be your bigger allies.

The food therapy services

  • Let’s have a chat in the kitchen

I already said a thousand times how, for me, the kitchen is the most convivial place in a home, so, chat I’m suggesting here, for our first meeting, is a nice long talk in the kitchen. I want to tell you my story and my findings. I want to know what do you like and what are you looking for. I want to go around your kitchen and rethink strategies for it to be more functional. In no time it shall also be your natural habitat. 

  • Now I got this

After our first meeting, I have the ball on my side of the court. I will elaborate a plan with recipes and tricks for us to put to work together. Once we establish what we’ll be making, I’ll send you your grocery shop list (or we can even go together) and we’re ready to roll.

  • Let’s do this

Now it’s the fun part. We’re, literally, putting your kitchen to work. Oven, cooktop, microwave… you’re the boss. Soups, tarts, omelettes, veggies, cheeses, breads… Each time we meet we discover new things.


For us to cook together (and keep in mind that we can Skype and video cook together) just write me an e-mail to contact@luanasfoodtherapy.com or just fill the form here.