Carrot juice (on an ordinary blender)

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Click here to go straight to the recipe and start chopping your carrots. Nevertheless, if you feel like it, you can come back and read my thoughts while you have your drink.

Juicing can be quite a controversy subject when we’re talking about a balanced diet. On one side of the court, we have the team “detox” juice and, on the other side, there are those people who claims that a glass of orange juice is as bad as a glass of coke.

Eating whole fruits and vegetables is very important because, in fact, when we juice them we lose a great amount of their fibres, but this is not going to make the juice not healthy. As a matter of fact, it can be a nice alternative for those who struggle and don’t like fruits or vegetables.

As for their sugar content… well, it’s all a matter of balance. It’s true that, in order to make a glass of orange juice, you’ll be needing about 4 oranges. Hum, no one is going to eat 4 whole oranges all at once, but you can, for sure, swallow a glass of juice in a few minutes. And if you have 4 or 5 glasses in a day. We’re talking about 2,5Lb of oranges. Just keep in mind that juice ain’t water and having a glass of it ain’t no crime. Crime would be to compare it to a soda, filled with chemicals and with absolutely no nutritional value.

Concerning the so called “detox” power of juices… that’s a concept that doesn’t exist around here. A Brazilian nutritionist that I met has this campaign that claims that every time we say a juice is detox, a fairy dies. Let’s save the fairies. Juices are juices. And they are tasty. And they can be made with fruits and vegetables.

My final tip is: don’t be afraid to add vegetables to your mixtures (they’ll add color, taste, texture, nutrients and they have less sugar than the fruits), chose sweet and ripe fruits (if you have a sweeter taste) to be able to escape the need to add sugar to your beverage and drink your juice freshly squeezed so you won’t lose the vitamins and minerals.


Regarding ingredients, everything is allowed. Do as you please. What you like and what you feel like. You can do apples, oranges, strawberries, carrots, kale, beetroots, celery… What I really wanted to share with you is the fact that you can enjoy a nice freshly squeezed juice at home. You don’t need to own those fancy and expensive juice makers. All you’ll need is your ordinary blender and a strainer and you’ll be able to run away from the industrial boxed versions and enjoy a nice drink made from real food.

After that, I didn’t even needed to share a recipe, right? But I’ll give you my version of it (one of my favourites) and I’ll be waiting for your comments and adaptations.


Carrot juice (on a blender)


4 medium carrots (about 300g/10 oz)

2 lemons (juice) + water to top 200ml (or you can do 200ml of lemon juice)*

Ginger to taste (optional)



*if I have enough lemons at home I’ll sure do 200ml of lemon juice, but in case you find it to be too bitter you can add some water to it. And you can use Sicilian lemon, instead of the green ones.

How to?

Let’s start with the veggies.


I peeled my carrots for they were nor organic and chopped into small pieces. As I was going to use my everyday blender and not the fancy juice makers, I thought I could spare my blender and make it work a bit less by having tiny pieces of carrot. It might have been be pointless, but I chose to do it like this.

Actually, I don’t even own a blender. It’s a hand mixer. A fancy one. But a mixer nevertheless. And, well, I said to myself that if it’s string enough to make my carrot cake, it’s strong enough to make my juice.

I wish I had a more elaborate step by step to share than ‘throw everything into the blender, blend, strain and drink’, but that’s the best I can do. That’s the real deal. Blend, strain and drink.

Carrots are super sweet and are a nice contrast to the citric taste of the lemon. It’s tasteful and quite refreshing.

A different version of it, that’s also wonderful, is adding beetroot to the carrot/lemon mixture. Beets are an amazing source of sugar. You’ll have a sweet, delicious juice that’s also super pretty in color.


Oh! And I’ve been experimenting on what to do with what’s left on the strainer. We all know it can be a great fertilizer for your garden, but I already tried it on soups, omelettes and even to add some texture to my ordinary beens.

Down below you’ll find the video proving that my blender did it all.

What about you? What’s your favourite juice combo?

And let me add that if you have any thoughts or ideas for the rests of vegetables left on the strainer that you want me to test, do let me know. I’m longing for your suggestions.


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