Bread of 3 (3 ingredients + 3 min on the microwave)

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Yes, that’s the kind of post that takes longer to read than to bake, so, if you want to go straight to the recipe, just click here.

So you wake up in the morning. The sun coming through the kitchen window. There’s a small flower vase on you kitchen table. Some tune like “oh happy day” is playing. The water for your tea or coffee is already boiling. You already grabbed that cheese you love so much, butter, jelly, chocolate hazelnut cream… Zoom in on the toaster that’s just waiting for the right moment to come into action and toast your delicious bread so you can start your day the way you deserve. You’re visualising the sitcom scene? Now think about how it’ll turn into a horror movie onde you realise that you’re out of bread?!

Don’t even get me started on the “BUT YOU EAT BREAD?!” thing. I don’t just eat bread. I delight myself with it every single day, more than one time a day and, be chocked… I eat bread at night!!!!! OMG!!!!


I’ll let you in a small secret I learn, but don’t go telling everyone: the calories of the bread you eat at night are EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones of the bread you eat in the morning. All you have to do is not eat 10 breads and you’ll be just fine.

“The calories of the bread you eat at night are EXACTLY THE SAME as the ones of the bread you eat in the morning.”

Now let’s get back to our “out of bread” drama. I love bread, but some breads are only good when fresh out of the oven. I live in the baguette country, but they’re way to big for me so I don’t buy for they’ll get so hard that they could break my thin Parisian walls. I bake no knead bread, but I don’t always have time for the loaf has to rest for 24 hours. Anyhow… all that yadda yadda to explain that once in a while I’m faced to the awful situation of not having my everyday bread. And now what? How do I deal with it? What to do?

Fear no more for I give you here the ultimate life saving solution: make bread!!!!! The bread of 3: 3 ingredients + 3 minutes on the microwave.


Write down the ingredients: oats + egg + baking powder. Mix it all together, throw it on the microwave, take it of the microwave and eat it.

But let’s elaborate a bit and write a nice step by step so you’ll get the basics of this oh so simple microwave bread.

Bread of 3


1 egg

2 table spoons of oats*

1 tea spoon of baking powder (the regular one, you use to bake cake)

(salt, black pepper, spices to taste)

How to?

  • Break the egg into a bowl that’s microwave safe (remember that the bowl you’re using will shape the bread do, don’t pick a very big one for your loaf to be tall and fluffy). Those cereal bowls are just perfect.
  • Whisk the egg quickly with a fork.
  • Add 2 spoons of oat (or oat flour), the baking powder and stir it all together.
  • Now it’s time for you to shape your bread the way you like it. Be inventive! I like to put salt, pepper and sweet paprika. Sometimes I add oregano (it’s great to make a grilled cheese with tomato and make it taste like a fresh pizza). It’s also a good idea to add some honey to it to make a sweet version of the bread and eat it with jelly, peanut butter or that vegan homemade Nutella we already made here.
  • Throw the bowl into the microwave for 3 minutes on high and let the magic happens. Bread, fluffy, fresh…

I strongly suggest you slice it in half and put it for a bit on the toaster so it’ll be crunchy. For the rest of it, it’s all about creativity. You can make grilled ham and cheese sandwich, go crazy with the homemade Nutella, or even take your shot at a nice, juicy, burger.




* On this virtual world, I already saw that some people make this loaf using almond flour, rice flour, etc… I don’t usually have those fancy flours at home, but if you do and you’re ever feeling adventurous, go for it and let me know how it turns out.


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Bread of 3 (3 ingredients + 3 min on the microwave)