A small talk and some cinnamon coffee

Let’s chat?

I’ll admit it’s a bit schizophrenic to say but one of the main reasons why I decided to create this blog goes way beyond sharing recipes and kitchen hacks. What really interest me in the virtual world is human interaction.

I read a small article online that stated that women who have emotional support tend to have better control of their food habits. And you know what? I think it goes even further than that. I strongly believe on the “support network”. It played a fundamental role while I was resignifying my life. Because I realised that, in the end, that’s the real deal. We don’t need to loose weight, to change our hairstyle, to do a celulite and stretch marks treatment. All we need is to find our purpose. The rest comes along with it. For free!

While I was wondering through the world wide web I bumped into so many nice people that I could not help to think this tab while I was envisioning the website. Thanks to the virtual world I had cinnamon coffee on the most welcoming balcony in Santana (São Paulo). Via Instagram my great aunt’s cheese bread recipe ended up on the amazing blog by the dearest Claudia Curici, a Romanian who lives in Texas, and she made my auntie Jovita famous. It was through those cybernetic waves that I met this warrior from São Paulo’s beach side who shows me every single day that changing is hard, yes, but that the will power to overcome yourself is always bigger than any obstacle (and that’s a life long lesson that goes way passed the fight against weight). I have loads of fun following the everyday life of Sylvia a newly graduated nutritionist from Rio de Janeiro whose battles are much bigger than the career change. On this mini phone keyboards I discovered the story of this lady with a lovely smile, who makes sweets for a living, and is trying to accept and allow herself to live everything she deserves. I shared a part of the struggle of a devoting mother of a smart boy who’s trying to draw the best version of herself. Etc… Etc… Etc…



I’ve had (and still have) wonderful fulfilling talks with friends and family and I found out so much love in among my relatives that it made me realise that I’m oh so lucky to have so many people actively cheering for me.

I the more a run into new people, the happier I am and the more this whole story makes sense. I’m no life coach. I’m not a nutritionist ou a therapist. I’m myself. And myself wants to know your story. I want to tell you mine. I’m sure we can support each other and together we’re stronger for our paths, in the end, are not that different.

Ad that’s why I insist: pull up a confie chair, let’s make some cinnamon coffee and let’s talk. About life, about the world, about cats and dogs, beach versus country side (or big cities), about movies, books, soap operas… and, while we’re at it, if we feel like discussing the life’s turnovers, it’s even better, right?