2 Ingredients Chocolate Cake

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Do you have eggs on your fridge? Chocolate on the pantry? So if you’re craving this too bad, just click here and go straight to the recipe.

You know that fluffy and creamy chocolate cake? Of course you do. As you saw the image above you could fill it melting in your mouth. You’re almost running to your pantry hunting for the ingredients to bake a cake. All of a sudden you remember you’re not handling gluten that well. Or you’re on a low carb diet. OR you’re thinking that with your genetics and metabolism, just the simple fact of dreaming of the amount of butter and sugar it takes to make such recipe the scale went up a few pounds. Or you simply realise you’re not very good at baking.

Whatever your pretext is for not getting all carried away and rushing to the kitchen to make this cake, my challenge is to make you change your mind. I have a super simple argument. Would you believe if I told you this cake does not need a single grain of flour or sugar and if you’re not using butter to grease the pan, you don’t even have to take it of the fridge? I swear! I was also having trouble believing it, but it IS true, our cake only needs 2 ingredients. Yes, yes, yes. You read it right. 2 ingredients!

And let me say there’s nothin fake or barely about it. It’s a real deal chocolate cake. It’s a cake, cake. Tastes like cake, feels like cake, smells like cake. CA-KE!


Let’s get to it, but before, I must say this is the kind of recipe that would only need a three lines post for it’s so so so so simples. It does look too good to be true. And that’s why persistent little me felt the need to loads of pictures and a step by step video for you to believe me.

Real cake! Real simple!

2 ingredients chocolate cake


4 eggs (whites and yolks separated)

200g chocolate


How to?

Pre heat the oven (350°F)

We’ll start this cake by shredding the chocolate for it to melt. You can do this on your stove, in bain marie, but if you’re team lazy like I am, you can do it on your microwave. Here it took me 2 minutes and I stoped to stir a bit every 30 seconds.


Once you have your chocolate melted, you can start cracking the eggs. Separate yolks from whites and place the whites on a large bowl.


On a mixer (or a fouet if you’re feeling strong enough) whip the egg whites until they reach a firm point.

Slower the mixer (or your arms) and add the yolks to the whites and keep beating.



While you were busy whisking the eggs the chocolate had time to cool down a bit – if you add the hot chocolate to your eggs mixture it’s cook and your chocolate cake will turn into an omelette. It might not taste bad, but it sure sounds weird.


Turn of the mixer. Add the melted chocolate to the eggs and stir it gently with the help of a spatula. Try making soft round movements (video) till you have a smooth batter.

Grease a baking tray (or cover it with foil paper), place the batter on it and bring it to the pre-heated oven (350°F) for about 25 to 30 minutes.


Be careful for this cakes bakes pretty fast.

Oh, and don’t freak out! For it does not have any flour or baking powder this cake will suffer from the soufflé effect and it’ll wither. It’s normal.

You’ll end up with a thin yet soft and creamy cake. Trust me!



I saved two squares of the chocolate and shredded into pieces to create a cute decor for the cake. You can also sprinkle some powder sugar on it.

And it goes without saying that you can also serve this cake with an ice cream ball (or nice-cream) and have a super simple desert, disguised as a sophisticated and elaborated one.



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